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Bucharest, Romania Crusade

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Bucharest Evangelism Crusade '07
Missionary Michael Patterson family

We give our sincere appreciation and heartfelt thanks to each and every one who gave towards the Crusade Offerings at the 2006 Columbus, OH General Conference during the Foreign Missions service making this Crusade possible!

Words are not adequate to express the joy in our hearts to see the many delegates gather together in Bucharest, Romania to attend the 2007 Sub-Regional Evangelism Conference/Crusade.

Former Communist Nations Participate
National delegates arrived from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Romania to participate in the Evangelism efforts. Just a few short years ago, worshiping together in one place and so powerfully would have been only a dream. Evangelist/Missionary Steve Willoughby (from Singapore) and Romanian Missionary Michael Patterson translating .

A total attendance for this Eastern European gathering was approximately 400.

Power-Packed Ministry
Evening Evangelist/Missionary Steve Willoughby greatly raised the level of faith through his anointed ministry. Day speakers, Rev. Salvatore Arcidiacono (Italy) and Rev. Philip Harrelson (AL), followed in step as they ministered under the unction of the Holy Ghost.

Waves of Worship
Spontaneous worship erupting throughout the Conference and resting upon the many nations represented, broke the chains of heaviness, ushering in a spirit of joy and liberty in the Holy Ghost!

Holy Ghost Infillings
We are overjoyed for the 31 who received the Holy Ghost for the first time; 3 from Bulgaria, 3 from Serbia, 1 from Slovakia (MK Stevie Tir!), and 24 from Romania!

What a blessing to the Missionary Michael Patterson family and the infant church in Bucharest, Romania!