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Lima, Peru Crusade

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Lima, Peru Crusade '07

In March, Lima, Peru became the launching pad for crusades sponsored by the 2006 General Conference, in the South America Region. What a blast-off! Crusade efforts joined with the National Ministers’ Conference in making this crusade a great spiritual success! The Lima Crusade was the culmination of five other crusades held throughout Peru in the last year. We rejoice with 205 that experienced Pentecost with the infilling of the Holy Ghost in Lima. Many healings took place. Revival is in the air and the Church is on the move!

Day services were directed to the Church while evening services were an evangelistic effort. Bro. Larry Romero challenged the Youth with the mission of reaching their generation. 1500 young people thronged the altar committing their lives to winning Peru for the kingdom of God. Regional Director, Darry Crossley preached a day session in which the anointing of God was so strongly felt that men and women fell on their faces before God for two hours in intercessory prayer. Sunday morning in conjunction a jail service was held, and 3 received the Holy Ghost.

The support of nine visiting ministers from the North America was a great encouragement to the Peruvian Church. It was a special treat to welcome back Retired Missionaries to Peru, Bro. and Sis. Ronald Cole. Their six-week stay in Peru has greatly blessed various areas of Peru where they have visited and ministered.

On the heels of the Crusade, Missionaries Monte and Diane Showalter arrived and thrust their efforts into seminars on small groups, and evangelism. What a key way to follow up the preceding evangelistic efforts of a year!

It is a great victory and privilege to report of the revival in Peru. Through the crusade efforts over 1700 have received the Holy Ghost in the past year, and in the final Lima Crusade 3,000 were in attendance. God is blessing Peru with unity, growth and revival.