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Nicaragua Crusade

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Managua Region Crusade in Nicaragua
Sponsered by Pastor Rick Treece, Lake Charles, LA
through PENTECOM

God Bless Pastor Rick Treece and the saints at Apostolic Temple in Lake Charles, Louisiana for their burden and vision for a mighty move of God in Nicaragua!

PENTECOM proposed a concept of working with the Foreign Missions Division of the UPCI to target specific countries where revival is taking place, and giving them a special boost by funding crusades in key locations that would serve as catalyst for further revival in each target country.

Nicaragua was selected by PENTECOM as one of the target countries to put this vision to work, and Pastor Rick Treece and his congregation stepped forward to meet the challenge.

Not only did the saints at Apostolic Temple raise the funds for this crusade, they also began chains of prayer and fasting, and a special support group accompanied Bro. & Sis. Treece on their trip to Nicaragua. From the moment they stepped off the airplane at Managua’s international airport, the level of enthusiasm was high, with great expectations of what the Lord was going to do — and they were not disappointed!

Just before the first service, busses began to pull into the parking lot of the Colegio LaSalle Polydeportivo, and people from all over Managua and surrounding cities began to fill the auditorium. In the three service, we had a max attendance of around 4,000 people, of which close to half of them were visitors! The concept was simple but effective: any church member who wished to ride the bus had to bring a visitor to get on board!

Bro. Scotty Slaydon, Executive Assistant to Bro. Bruce Howell, General Director of Foreign Missions, worked so closely with Bro. Treece in the translation of the preaching, that it almost as if they had melded into a single person ministering. The anointing of the Holy Ghost was so powerful that people were in awe of the ministry that was taking place in each of the three services.

There was a point in the final service, where the presence and power of God was so strong in the place, that no one could minister. All over the place, people began to just fall on their faces and cry out to the Lord. There was a mighty sound as thousands of people began calling on God. For the space of 15 minutes or so, there was just that continual worship and crying out to the Lord, and it was a very beautiful thing to be a part of.

In the three services of this Managua Crusade, a total of 265 people were confirmed to have received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Many, many people also raised their hands to indicate that they had received a healing touch from the power of God in the final altar service.

Praise the Lord for this tremendous victory, and for the support of Bro. Treece, and the vision of PENTECOM working to see revival throughout the world!