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Apai, Samao Crusade

Richard A. Denny / Bennie Blunt

I am happy to send you this report from the first crusade in the Pacific sponsored by the 2006 North American General Conference Crusade Offering.

The Crusade was held in Apia, Samoa. This is a fairly new work although it is not a new country. We have to small churches in this country. The report was sent by Missionary Bennie Blunt and follows:

What a mighty outpouring of God's Spirit took place in Apia, Samoa this past weekend. Our Crusade was a wonderful success. We had 13 baptized in Jesus name and 33 received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Healings were reported and many received a refilling of the Holy Ghost!

Thank you to everyone that helped us pray for this Crusade! God is great and we're looking forward to greater happenings in the near future!