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Sri Lanka Crusade

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Sri Lanka Crusade '07
Prince & Suzana Mathiasz

We are thrilled to report of the wonderful way God has blessed our crusades that were conducted in the first week of July 2007. Pastor Doug and Sister Vickie Davis, along with members of Bethel Tabernacle, were greatly used of our God in ministering to the nation in song and Word. Though the crusades are over, the results are yet coming as we had a good follow-up program in place to reach out to the first-time visitors and the unsaved.

The first crusade was held at the HQ Church in Colombo on July 1 with an attendance of over 781 people of which 61 were first-time visitors. Twenty-one received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and eight were baptized in Jesus’ name.

The second was held in the mountain city of Nuwara-Eliya (City of Lights) on July 7, with an attendance of 1,202 people, of which 224 were first-time visitors. A total of 19 received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

The third crusade had to be cancelled in the city of Kandy due situations beyond our control as well as for the safety of all concerned. Therefore we rushed back to Colombo, organizing a quick service at the HQ church as we felt that God would bless our endeavours. A total of 584 were in attendance, of which 17 were first-time visitors. Fourteen people received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Another young man received the Holy Ghost at a short devotion conducted at one of our churches en-route our travels from one crusade to another.

As the reports continue to come and as a direct result of the crusade and follow-up, 16 more were baptized the second and fourth weeks of July. This puts the total baptized to 24

Many healings and other wonders were reported and the reports continue to come in. A man who had been very seriously ill with kidney failure and having suffered terribly over 25 years and having undergone 10 surgeries was healed completely.

Another family that was tormented, having faced untold confusion and calamity in their home for many number of years due demonic possession, has been completely delivered and is now attending services and will soon be baptized as well.

A man who had been unemployed for many years, having struggled to make ends meet, got a very good job the very next week he returned from one of our crusades.

Total water baptized 24 and total Spirit baptized 55.

Prince & Suzana Mathiasz