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Thessaloniki, Greece Crusade

Billed as the Christian Conference of North Greece, the Thessaloniki crusade—one of the crusades funded by the 2006 General Conference offering—began the evening of Friday, October 26, 2007, with a prayer vigil from 6:00 to midnight at the local church pastored by Kostas Kokkinos. During the prayer meeting Bev Burk, Foreign Missions Division, spoke about the importance of prayer and the family of God. The Spirit of God swept into the building, confirming her message. The prayer meeting was well attended and anointed.

Saturday and Sunday services, held at the A. D. Imperial Hotel in downtown Thessaloniki, were characterized by heartfelt worship and beautiful Greek choruses extolling the might and majesty of God. Alan Demos, pioneer UPCI missionary in Greece and now appointed to Germany, and Christos Chalkias, a Greek professor of church history, were the day speakers. Without consulting each other, both men taught on the grace of God. Their ministries complimented each other and showed that God was orchestrating the meeting. The sweet presence of God permeated the auditorium and brought refreshing to the 150 people that attended the services. Dorsey Burk, Foreign Missions Division, was the evening evangelist. His messages dovetailed with those of the day speakers. At least three people received the Holy Ghost during Sunday evening’s vibrant altar service.

The crusade climaxed a 10-week evangelistic thrust designed and executed under the direction of missionary Sim Strickland, superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church of Greece. Many of the first time visitors—including two young men who had recently escaped from Iran—were the results of these efforts.

The Christian Conference of North Greece showed the growing strength and energy of the United Pentecostal Church of Greece. Missionary Sim Strickland is to be complimented for his vision and leadership.