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Togo, West Africa

Randy Adams

Greetings in Jesus name from Togo!
It is with great joy and much excitement that I bring to you the results of the crusade this past weekend in the city of Lomé in TOGO. The dates for the crusade were February 15-17.
Brother Eli Hernandez did an excellent job in every service. His ministry was anointed and therefore right on target. He clearly connected with the people and needs in Togo.
There was much excitement which caused the attendance to increase from night to night. By Sunday night the crowd peaked out at 2,000 plus.
The final results are as follows:
At least 335 people spoke in other tongues as they received the Holy Ghost for the first time.
Hundreds acknowledged that they were healed during the prayer services. Many testified of having received notable miracles of healing. One lady testified of a growth in her abdomen that disappeared. One man who came to the crusade walking only with the help of a cane, was healed and walked up onto the platform and gave his cane to Brother Hernandez and walked away rejoicing. Several people testified of severe pain leaving their bodies. There were also many cases of deliverance.
The number of people baptized in Jesus name is not yet complete. There are more people who will be baptized this coming weekend.
We have not seen as much excitement during all the twelve years I have been in Togo. We do believe this is the beginning on a great harvest in this nation.
I am attaching a few photos from the services and a DVD will be available at a later date.
We extend our thanks to all who gave to make this crusade possible, and we sincerely thank Brother Hernandez for coming to Togo to share his ministry with our people.
Sincerely In HIS Harvest,
Randy Adams